What I can Do for You

A better spread (of the news)

You want to build a better brand. Why not have fun doing it? The Internet is your portal to the world’s largest audience (that’s why Al Gore christened it the World Wide Web), and you’ve got about three seconds to make a good impression. Let’s stop them in their tracks! If you’re working outside the digital realm, let’s talk about getting you face time through print pieces like direct mail. Your success is my success. I’ll design you a smart, sizzling postcard that screams for a reader response. I’ll build you a web site that surfers will want to bathe in. And I’ll create a brochure that readers won’t set their coffee on.

Okay, Erin Ingram, what’s next?

So far, so good? To get the ball rolling, simply shoot me an email to get a FREE quote. I’ll respond immediately with options for your projects. It’s a fast-paced world and I bring the energy to match it. I pride myself on delivering mockups to clients quickly — and incorporating your feedback for fast turnarounds. Time is money and I don’t want to waste yours or mine.

Beyond your satisfaction is our shared goal of reader, consumer, and customer reaction. Whether it’s a web or print job, or some fluid combination of both, we (you and I, future client), want to get a rise out of an audience. Meaning we want them to get off their behinds to take some action. Maybe they get a free quote from you. Maybe, perhaps because of an ultra-cool logo, they think of your company in a whole new way. Whether they bookmark a site, dog-ear a page, or save a postcard from the old circular file, we’re making those connections.

How long will it take to create a web site?

It all depends on the number of links and pages you want to have. A simple site with four to five subpages could take between 10-20 hours. It takes a few hours to get the mockups started; coding takes the rest of the time. With your content ready to go, we can get your site up in less than a week. Need a writer? I know people.

How am I going to pay for all this?

An invoice is delivered once the project is complete. You can pay it via PayPal, money orders, or checks 30 days after you receive it.

Postcard, huh? How long would one of those take?

At least 3-5 hours. And I charge $1 million an hour for postcards; they’re paying for my second home in Barbados. Just kidding. I don’t have a second home.

Say, I’m into knitting, but I don’t really like to knit. I’m afraid I might suddenly jam the needles into my eyes. Can I hire you for knitted projects?

Why yes. I’d love to!… Just kidding… I don’t have time hardly anymore to keep up with any knitting request. Once upon a time I did when I had the time.

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