Mary Williams // Creating To Love

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Mary created the Examen Journal in this month’s box. Mary started Creating To Love in the spring of 2017. She started painting through The 100 Day Project, an exercise every day for 100 days to create something, and it completely transformed her experience of creativity and faith. She discovered a much deeper experience in her relationship with God through painting. Mary prays while she paints, and it was during those 100 days of exploring God in her creativity that she felt the call to incorporate art in an intentional way into her daily life and vocation. She is excited that she will soon be launching a series of prayerful art prints based on her abstract paintings.
Creating To Love currently centers on The Examen Journal and her desire to more purposefully witness God’s presence in her every day life. The journal was her “yes” after a long time quietly listening to God’s loving whispers in her heart. Mary is so humbled to find herself sharing in the faith journeys of so many through Creating To Love and her faith is reinforced by seeing others witness to God’s love in their lives. Her mission with Creating To Love is to bless, engage, and transform the human heart through the intersection of faith and creativity.

The cover of The Examen Journal is one of her watercolor paintings. She wanted the cover of the book to represent our daily walk with God. He wraps our days in His love in the same way the painting wraps around the book. To Mary, it was a simple and profound way of expressing what The Examen Journal is all about through art. Mary’s favorite bible verse is Psalm 139: 14, “I praise you, because I am wonderfully made.” Mary often feels vulnerable sharing her creativity with others. She fears judgement and sometimes doubts her ability to contribute something beautiful or worthy. Yet this verse calls her out of herself and reminds her that all she is and all she creates is in praise of God. This verse gives her the courage and confidence to do her best to serve God and others through Creating To Love.
If you’d like to find Mary online, you can find her: