Building a Brand

Be prepared ahead of time the following goals you wish to achieve with your business:

  • Your Voice – think of powerful phrases to use throughout your messaging. Use powerful communication that repeats throughout different pieces. Your voice is the heartbeat for your design. Brands can flat-line when serving mixed messaging.
  • Your Mission – The building blocks of a brand. Have a direction in which you want your company to drive towards that impacts not only the customer but others in their social circles they can influence.
  • Your Audience – Always remember who you are talking to. Keep things real to them. Speak in their language and maintain a reading level they’ll understand.
  • Your Influence – Know your customers first and foremost. Learn their interest, and find ways to incorporate your product into those interests.

Think Campaign

Always keep branding in mind when starting any project. The ZMOT theory reminds us that there is not one simple way of selling products to the public today. The era of the door-to-door salesman is no longer. Start with one piece of the puzzle and multiply it. For example, start with a postcard. On the postcard you can have your website and phone number. They visit your site and can sign up for your newsletter. There you can start emailing them product updates or sales. On different pages of your site you can set up cookies to serve them display ads. Never forget to have them follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or some other form of social network that may work best for you. Those are free in-bound links to your site! Not to mention they are just another place to advertise for FREE!

So, don’t stick to one form of communication. Go beyond. Be a rock star with your brand.