Self Promo: Big Bad Economy Postcard

785 200 Erin Ingram

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Economy?

Postcard created as a self-promo after job was loss during the harsh economic times. You never want to admit being let go from a job even if it wasn’t your fault. I left Purdue after three years of employment to move in with my mother after my father died and started every designers’ dream job: working at an ad agency. Too bad small ad agencies are the first to usually fall under the pressures of weak economies. The economy monster was my stab at illustration. The “Mad Men” style Wall Street businessmen are kind of a funny spin on being let go from an agency, and what else would you expect some one on Wall Street to wear. Who’d I send this postcard to? Your mom? What! No, just all the companies I could ever imagine working for within the Indianapolis area.

The Big Bad Economy Postcard