Frankfurt Germany

Street in Frankfurt Germany
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American in the Streets of Frankfurt Germany

Right after Christmas of 2004, I took my first European trip to Germany. Did the typical American thing of hitting up as many parts of Germany that we could. Luckily I went to visit my friend who lived in Schwerte, Germany. We met when she was an exchange student at my high school.

First things I noticed right after leaving the airport were all the windmills! Not something you see a whole lot here in the states. My friend just laughed every time I took a photo of one. Later she also laughed how I wanted to go inside so many churches to take photos of them, too. There was one literally at every block in every city it seemed. But the architecture is just so different in Germany and Europe with its rich history. Everything in the states just seems brand new in comparison. Best city to see the “new” versus the “old” architecture was in Frankfurt. There, you would see sky scrapers next to thousand year old buildings and steeples.

Cities we hit up were Schwerte, Berlin, München, Frankfurt, and Füssen. Loved, loved, loved Germany! Food was tasty. There probably wasn’t a day I didn’t have one of the following: bratwurst, red cabbage, or mashed potatoes. So many ways to eat Kartoffelpuffer. Got to visit the real Hofbräuhaus in München. Visit castle Neuschwanstein, which is a most amazingly beautiful short train ride from Füssen. And it’s nothing like bringing in the New Year at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

Germany definitely is an amazing place, that I would go back and visit. Even if you don’t have your own German tour guide, as long as you stick to the normal touristy places, you’ll be just fine. Germans are amazingly friendly folks, but just don’t say hi to every one you pass on the street. To them, if you say “hi” they think you know them and give you a confused stair.

Street in Frankfurt Germany